Adopt porpoise Michael

Michael is a playful, friendly porpoise. He stranded as a young animal on a beach. He didn’t spend enough time with his mother to learn how to hunt. Michael shares his tank with Dennis. Dennis is also unable to survive in the wild. Porpoises are intelligent animals that like to play with the animal caretakers. Via the underwater windows, you can watch them play. Sometimes they’ll swim to where you’re watching!

What does it mean to adopt a porpoise?

You can adopt Michael for a minimum amount of €72 per year or €6 per month. It is a symbolic adoption. You aren’t the only one to adopt Michael. Thanks to all the adoptees, Ecomare can continue to care for the animals.

What do you get when you adopt Michael?

As a new adoptee, you will receive an envelope at home with a large picture of Michael, all kinds of information about him and porpoises plus an entrance ticket for Ecomare. Furthermore, you will receive the (Dutch) newsletter, a monthly Ecomare update and a new photo every year. You are also invited to our annual donors day.

Gift idea: Adoption of Michael

Give someone a porpoise as a gift! Great idea for a birthday, wedding or jubilee. Add the name and address of the person getting the gift by comments in the form. You can also call during office hours to arrange it: 31 222-317741.

Prefer not to give an authorization

You can transfer your contribution to bank account NL90 ABNA 0893463612 with the comment ‘new adoption Michael’ and your name and address. To be sure, send an email to vrienden@ecomare.nl.

Tax benefit

Do you pay taxes in the Netherlands? If you want to deduct your gift from your taxes, then you need to use the donation form. You then commit yourself to a minimum of five years for a yearly amount that you determine yourself. You can download the form here and fill it in. You can also request a donation form via vrienden@ecomare.nl. For more information about periodic donations, Marion Barth is available to help you. You can reach her via 31 222-317741 or marionbarth@ecomare.nl.

From abroad

If you want to make your contribution from outside of the Netherlands, use IBAN: NL90 ABNA 0893 4636 12 and BIC: ABNANL2A, pay to the order of Ecomare, Ruijslaan 92, 1796 AZ De Koog, Nederland.

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Adopt Michael

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