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At Ecomare, around a hundred seals are cared for every year. Furthermore, there is a permanent group of seals that cannot survive in the wild. Will you help us to take care of them? By adopting a seal, you help to pay for the fish, the veterinarian, care and housing. You can choose between Daan, Karien, Rianne and Annie. They symbolize all the seals at Ecomare, in the permanent group as well as in the sanctuary.

What is an adoption?

You can adopt a seal for €60.- per year or €5.- per month. With this symbolic adoption, you support the entire seal sanctuary. You aren’t the only one to adopt a specific animal. Thanks to all the adoptive families, Ecomare can continue to provide care for the animals.

What do you get?

As new adoptive family, you received an envelope at home with items including a large photo of your seal, information about the animal and a one-time free entry to Ecomare. In addition, you will receive the Dutch newspaper ‘Ecomare bericht’, a monthly newsletter (in Dutch) per email and a new photo every year. You are very welcome to come to the annual donor’s day.

Give an adoption seal as a gift

Give a seal as a gift! Great idea for a birthday, wedding or jubilee. Enter the name and address of the person receiving the gift by comments in the form. You can always call during office hours to arrange it: 31 222-317741.

Adopt a rescued seal

You can adopt a rescued seal for yourself and return the animal back to the wild when recovered. This is an exclusive form of adoption, specifically for businesses or groups. The contribution for your own adoption seal is €2500.-. See here for more information (in Dutch).

Prefer not to give authorization?

You can then transfer your contribution to bank account NL90 ABNA 0893463612, pay to the order of Ecomare, De Koog, with mention of ‘new Adoption’, your preference for Daan, Rianne, Karien or Annie and your house address. Just to make sure, it is a good idea to also send an email to vrienden@ecomare.nl.

Tax benefit

A donation form is required in order to deduct a gift from your (Dutch) taxes. You then commit a chosen annual amount for a minimum of 5 years. You can download and fill in the form here. You can also request a donation form via vrienden@ecomare.nl. For more information about periodic donations, Eva van Ginkel would be happy to help you. She can be reached at 31 222-317741 or evavanginkel@texelsmuseum.nl.

From abroad

If you need to transfer your contribution from abroad, use IBAN: NL90 ABNA 0893 4636 12 and BIC: ABNANL2A, pay to the order of Ecomare, Ruijslaan 92, 1796 AZ De Koog, Netherlands.

Conditions for issuing an authorization

With an authorization, you give Ecomare permission to send continuous charges to your bank to transfer the donation from your account, as determined in the authorization. In addition, you give permission to your bank to write off the amount from your account, in agreement with the commission from Ecomare. (creditor ID: NL93ZZZ412392140000). Ecomare collects the specified donation from your account around the 26th of the month. If you disagree with a charge, you can have it returned. You must get in touch with your bank within 8 weeks after collection. Ask your bank for the conditions.

Changes or cancellation

You can end your authorization at any time, either via telephone during office hours at 31 222-317741 or per email to vrienden@ecomare.nl. Changes in your data can also be done in this way. You always receive a confirmation of your cancellation.

Your data

Your data is always treated confidentially. The authorization is sent via a secure connection. When there is an incorrect collection, or if you don’t agree with the amount, you can ask your bank within 60 days to return the amount. The direct debit can be terminated at any time either written, oral or via telephone.

Conditions for issuing an authorization

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Daan is a young female harbour seal. When Daan was brought to Ecomare’s sanctuary in November 2015, she had a flipper tag. That means she had already been cared for in a sanctuary. Daan has a heart murmur. That is why she is staying at Ecomare. We have seen her becoming more confident over the years. She feels completely at home with us!

Adopt Daan


Harbour seal Rianne has been at Ecomare for a long time. During the feeding, she can really show off for attention and a fish. You've got to watch out because she knows how to splash! Otherwise, Rianne is a very friendly seal.

Adopt Rianne


Harbour seal Karien made her own discover: people like to be waved to. She does that during the feeding, because she knows she can get a fish for her performance. Karien is curious and not easily scared. If she needs to move to a different basin, she is eager to discover her new surroundings. When her basin is cleaned and the hose is filling the pool, she can't get enough from rolling in the hard jet of water. She is clearly enjoying herself!

Adopt Karien


Annie is an active grey seal. Playing hide-and-seek with the caretakers and racing with one of them are her favorite activities. Annie shares her basin with another female grey seal: Betty. They have their own special 'grey seal' tank with and extra deep section for diving. In addition to diving, Annie also likes to lie on the 'beach' in the sun.

Adopt Annie

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