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Banded weeds


Up to 25 centimeters


long thin branches, bushy

  • Dut: Rood hoorntjeswier
  • Lat: Ceramium rubrum
  • Eng: Banden weeds, Ceranium
  • Ger: Rote Horntang
  • Dan: Klotang

Banded weeds

If you use a magnifying glass, you will see where this seaweed got its name. The branches have a banded color. You can even see this in the photo above. And each branch has a claw-like tip, sort of like horns. Banded weeds is found attached to rocks and other seaweeds anywhere between the high tide line or deeper. Many seaweeds are used by humans in various ways and banded weeds is no exception. Experiments are being done with an extract from banded weeds for curing influenza virusses.