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Winter purslane


plant: 10-20 centimeters
leaves: 2-3 centimeters


leaves: green
flowers: white or pink





life span:



western North America

  • Dut: Witte winterpostelein (Doorwas, Cubaspinazie)
  • Lat: Claytonia perfoliata
  • Eng: Winter purslane (Miner's-lettuce, Cuban spinach, Spring beauty)
  • Ger: Tellerkraut (Kubaspinat, Kragenportulak)
Winter purslane, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Winter purslane

What's unusual about winter purslane is that it has no problem surviving severe winters. It is a fleshy edible plant, containing lots of vitamin C and minerals. No wonder its nicknames are lettuce or spinach. Winter purslane is easy to recognize. Besides being one of the few herbal plants that is a bright healthy green in the winter, the rosettes of long stems end in a dish-like leaf. Actually, it is a pair of leaves which have united into one. The tiny flowers emerge from the middle of the dish.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Winter purslane is not native to the Netherlands, having originated in North America. However, it grows very well here in sandy soils, particularly in the dunes and wadden region. You often find it growing under sea buckthorn.