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Plumose anemone


up to 11 centimeters in diameter, 25 centimeters tall


white, pink, orange, brownish or grey


zooplankton, small fish, sometimes jellyfish, crustaceans


sea spiders, gray sea slug


sexual and vegetative

  • Dut: Zeeanjelier
  • Lat: Metridium senile
  • Eng: Plumose anemone (Sea pink)
  • Ger: Seenelke
  • Dan: Sønellike
Plumose anemone on sea squirts, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Plumose anemone

The plumose anemone is a rather tall sea anemone, with many thin tentacles on the top of the column. The column has an erected edge at the top. This makes the anemone look like a turtleneck collar topped off with a wig. Plumose anemones live in groups, up to 500 specimen per square meter. The entire group displays the same color, which isn't so strange if you realize that sea anemones can clone themselves. So the group is often one big family.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Plumose anemones are common in the North Sea, often living in large groups close together. They attach themselves to stones around the low-tide mark (for example, on breakwaters) and to floating objects, such as seaweed. Plumose anemones can live in seawater with a low level of salt and therefore can be found in river mouths.

  • Plumose anemone eats sea gooseberry
    Plumose anemone eats Comb jellyfish, foto fitis, sytske dijksen