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Chameleon shrimp


up to 2.5 centimeters


usually gray or yellowish


1-2 years old




fish, such as eel



  • Dut: Aasgarnaal
  • Lat: Mysida and Lophogastrida (Praunus flexuosus, Gastrosacus spinifer, Lophogaster typicus)
  • Eng: Chameleon shrimp, opossum shrimp
  • Ger: Schwebgarnele
  • Dan: Pungreje
Chameleon shrimp, Foto Fitis,

Chameleon Shrimp

Chameleon shrimp got its name because it can change its color from transparent to almost completely black. At first glance, it looks like common shrimp. However, it is thinner and they have no claws or walking legs. Chameleon shrimp can hold onto stones and seaweed with their front legs. They eat plankton and swim around with their head erected. Young chameleon shrimp are smaller replicas of their parents.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Various species of chameleon shrimp are commonly found in the Wadden Sea and tidal zone of the North Sea. Furthermore, there are also brackish water species. The chameleon shrimp lives preferably in tranquil waters, with little current. You sometimes find them in tidal pools.