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up to 12 millimeters


yellow-gray with brown, red or black spots


phytoplankton, zooplankton and organic waste


fish, jellyfish, anemones, other crustaceans



  • Dut: Jassa
  • Lat: Jassa falcata
  • Eng: Scud
  • Ger: Sichelstrandfloh
Jassa falcata, Foto Fitis,


The scud is a gammarid-like anima, found particularly among red seaweed. Males are easy to distinguish by their conspicuously enlarged second claw. In addition, they have a multi-colored body, so the look different than most amphipods. This coloring helps to camouflage the animal among the seaweeds. Scuds build their own house, a tube. Males and females live in separate tubes.

  • Distribution and habitat
    Scud, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

    Scuds are commonly found along the Dutch coast. They live between seaweed and polyps between the low tide zone and a few meters depth in the water. Their habitat is the same as that of seaweed and polyps, which usually live on hard surfaces. Sometimes, scuds will build tubes on ships. Skippers are not very happy about that and use chemicals to remove the scud colonies.