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Water en land

  • Dut: Beervlinder
  • Lat: Arctiidae
  • Ger: Bärenspinner
  • Eng: Tiger-moths
Garden tiger moth, Ecomare

Tiger moths

Tiger moths are stout, hairy moths with broad wings and bright colors. They are often poisonous. The conspicuous colors, particularly those on the back wings, warn birds that they are inedible. The caterpillars look a lot like a mini hairy bear, which explains the Dutch name 'beervlinder' ('bear moth'). A number of these species are found specifically on dune plants.

  • Tiger moths in the dunes
    Scarce Footman on heather, Foto Fitis,
    English nameLatin namehost plant
    Four-dotted Footman Cybosia mesomella lichen
    Dotted Footman Pelosia muscerda lichen
    Feathered footman Coscinia striata fescue
    Speckled Footman Coscinia cribraria grass
    Clouded Buff Diacisia sannio common and bog heather, hawkweed