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Variegated scallop


up to 7 centimeters


fossil: gray
live: variable (pink, purple, yellow, orange, white or combination)





  • Dut: Bonte mantel
  • Lat: Chlamys varia
  • Eng: Variegated scallop
  • Ger: Bunte Kammuschel
  • Dan: see Latin
Variegated scallop, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

Variegated scallop

Variegated scallops are animals of warmer waters, which are only found on Dutch beaches as fossils. These fossils date back to the Eemian, when the Netherlands had a sub-tropical climate. They are often gray-blue in color, but this is a discoloration. Live variegated scallops are namely very colorful, so that you never miss them on the beach, no matter how small they are. Young specimen are occasionally found in the Netherlands, on drifting objects. These objects usually come from southern waters or England.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Live variegated scallops are found in the southern North Sea and southwards, such as the Mediterranean Sea. They live attached to hard substrate, just like mussels, down to depths of around 80 meters.

  • As fossil:
    Variegated scallop, Ecomare