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Pullet carpet shell


up to 5 centimeters


yellowish-white to grayish brown




crabs, shorebirds, people



  • Dut: Tapijtschelp
  • Lat: Venerupis pullastra (Venerupis senegalensis)
  • Eng: Pullet carpet shell
  • Ger: Getupfte Teppichmuschel
  • Fren: Clovisse, Palourde
  • Dan: Tæppemusling
Pullet carpet shell, Ecomare

Pullet carpet shell

Pullet carpet shells regularly wash ashore along Dutch beaches. They are more or less rectangular in shape with a far off-centered hinge. You see obvious growth rings. Fossil specimen are darker and often date back to the Eemian, around 100,000 years old. There are several species of pullet carpet shells, which are not always easy to tell apart. These shellfish are very tasty. They are cultivated in Italy for consumption and known under the name 'vongole'.

  • Distribution and habitat

    The pullet carpet shell lives from a few centimeters to 35 meters under the water surface. Usually, this shellfish also attaches itself with threads to a stone or some other hard surface.