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Great scallop


up to 20 centimeters


external: reddish brown
internal: yellow-white or white


10 to 20 years




crabs, people



  • Dut: St. Jacobsschelp
  • Lat: Pecten Maximus
  • Eng: Great Scallop, St James scallop
  • Ger: Gro▀e Kammmuschel, Pilgermuschel
  • Fren: Coquille St. Jaques
  • Dan: jakobsmusling
Great scallop, Ecomare

Great scallop

Seen on a world scale, the great scallop is the most important shellfish for the fisheries. More than a million tons are fished yearly. The shell is the logo for Shell, but also for the pilgrims that used to travel toáthe town of Santiago deáCompostella in Galicia (northwest Spain). Pilgrims took the scallop with them, in honor of Saint James. This is also another name for the great scallop. The animals are very lively. They canájump and even swim around by quickly opening and closing their valves. They have light-sensitive spots on the edges of the mantle which help them to 'see'.

  • Habitat

    Great scallops are found in the northern North Sea between 10 and 110 meters deep.