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Dieren en planten

Mens en Milieu

  • Dut: prikken
  • Lat: Petromyzontidae
  • Eng: Lamprey
  • Ger: Neunaugen
  • Dan: Lampret
Sea lamprey, Ecomare


Lampreys have a suction mouth with several rings of teeth. With these teeth, they can clamp themselves to the skin of other fish or marine mammals. They drink the victims' blood or body fluids through the wound. Lampreys can be identified by the nine holes on each side of their head. Seven are used for breathing, the eighth one is an eye and the ninth one is a nostril.

  • Fish without scales
    Lamprey, foto fitis, sytske dijksen

    Should you see a lamprey, you wouldn't think they are fish since they have no scales or bones. They have cartilage, just like rays and sharks.

  • Fresh or saline

    Lampreys are born in fresh water but grow up in the sea.