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Mens en Milieu

Greenland shark


up to 8 meters


775 kilograms


dark gray-brown with lighter belly


unknown, but maybe up to 200 years


live and dead marine animals




ovivipary (egg development in mother)

  • Dut: Groenlandse haai (ijshaai)
  • Lat: Somniosus microcephalus
  • Eng: Greenland shark
  • Ger: Grönlandhai (Eishai)
  • Dan: Grønlandshaj
Greenland shark, Ecomare

Greenland shark

The Greenland shark is an inhabitant of the deep North Pole seas. However every once in a while, it is seen in Dutch waters. Greenland shark meat is toxic and can only be consumed when prepared in a special way. The skin of this shark is used to bind books. Greenland sharks are omnivores. Scientists have found the strangest food items it their stomachs, such as reindeer, dogs, cats and even a polar beer. These animals were probably already dead when the shark consumed them.

  • Poisonous

    The meat of the Greenland shark is poisonous. You can only eat it when prepared in a special manner. The skin of this shark is used for binding books.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Greenland sharks live in deep water, down to 2000 meters, in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Sea and the North Sea. It is a rare species along the Dutch coast.