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  • Dut: Kabeljauwachtigen
  • Lat: Gadidae
  • Eng: True cods
  • Ger: Dorsche
Gadoids, Erik van Ommen

Cod family

The cod family forms a large family of predator fish. Thirty species of cod are found in European waters, one of which lives in fresh water (the burbot). Most species have the characteristic beard on their chin. They use this to search the bottom for fod. Therefore, it is logical that these species live near the sea bottom, although whiting, coal fish and Norway pout prefer swimming in open waters. Cod species are often caught; worldwide, they form at least one seventh of the total amount of fish caught yearly. Only herring are caught in larger amounts.

  • Fisheries

    Common species from the fish market are cod, haddock and whiting. Coal fish is less commonly known, although most fish sticks are made from this species. Pollack is a northern species occasionally found in the North Sea. Kibbling, a Dutch fish treat, is made often from pollack.

  • Did you know that...

    ...all cod species make noise when they are angry, caught or spawning. The fish use this noise to recognize their own kind.