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Mens en Milieu

  • Dut: Roodbaars (noorse schelvis)
  • Lat: Sebastes marinus
  • Eng: Redfish, red bream, golden redfish, ocean perch, rose-fish
  • Ger: Rotbarsch, Kaiserbarsch
  • Fren: Beryx, Sébaste
  • Dan: Stor rødfisk
  • Dut: Kleine roodbaars
  • Lat: Sebastes viviparus
  • Eng: Norway redfish, Norway haddock
  • Ger: Kleiner Rotbarsch
  • Dan: Lille rødfisk
Red-fish, Ecomare


Redfish like cold, deep waters south of the North Pole. This species is fished on a large scale in that area. Every once in awhile, they are also caught in the northern North Sea. They can grow up to 1 meter long and eat fish (small cod species, herring). These fish are only really red in the dark and at great depths. In aquaria, they are much paler due to daylight.

  • Norway redfish

    Norway redfish are a different species, which are found in shallower water. They are caught more often than the common redfish in the northern North Sea. Norway redfish don't grow any longer than 35 centimeters.

  • Distribution of Norway redfish
    Distribution of norway haddock, Ecomare