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color differences:

males and females have the same color

food gathered:

in open sea




steep rocky cliffs or hollows on islands

  • Dut: Stormvogel
  • Lat: Procellariiformes
  • Eng: Petrels
  • Ger:áSturmv÷gel
Fulmar, Marijke de Boer


Petrels form a strange group of seabirds. They have a thick bill with two elongated nostrils. They use these nostrils to get rid of salt. They have a salt gland in their head so that they can drink seawater and remove excess salt. Petrels spend the greatest part of the year at sea. There are two separate families: petrels, which include the fulmar and the manx shearwater, and the storm petrels, such as theáLeach's storm petrel.