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  • Dut: Strandleeuwerik
  • Eng: Shore Lark
  • Fren: Alouette hausse-col
  • Ger: Ohrenlerche
  • Ital: Allodola golagialla
  • Lat: Eremophila alpestris
Shore Lark (horned lark), Jeroen Reneerkens (

Shore lark

European shore larks brood in Scandinavia and in northern Russia. They come to the Netherlands while migrating south. A small amount spends the winter in the Netherlands. The birds are usually observed in small groups on the beach and in the salt marshes. Because they eat seeds, you can also find them on fields. However, they aren't easy to spot while they potter around on the ground. When frightened, they take flight and make bird calls very similar to sky larks.