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  • Dut: Sijs
  • Eng: Siskin
  • Fre: Tarin
  • Ger: Zeisig
  • Dan: Gr°nsisken
  • Nor: Gr°nnsisik
  • Fries: Syske
  • Ital: Lucherino
  • Lat: Carduelis spinus
Siskin, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen


Siskins are true seed-feeders. In the summer, they eat seed from half-opened pine spruce apples. In the winter, they eat mostly seed from alder and birch. You then find them a lot in parks, gardens and other such areas. Sometimes, they hang upside down on alder-cones justálike tits, in order to pick out the seed. Male siskins have a striking appearance with their yellow color and black cap.

  • Nests
    Siskin, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen

    Siskins nest in mixed woodlands and pine forests. The nests are built very high in a tree. It is not a plentiful brooder in the Netherlands however nests are usually found every year in the Veluwe and Drenthe. The species is more common in Northeastern Europe. The siskins we see in the Netherlands are usually migrants andáwinter guests.