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Mens en Milieu

  • Dut: aardmuis
  • Eng: field vole (short-tailed (field) vole)
  • Fren: le campagnol agreste
  • Ger: die Erdmaus
  • Lat: Microtus agrestis
Field vole, salko de wolf

Field vole

Field voles can run very fast and look for coverage quickly when in danger. They are also good swimmers. They live in damp terrains, such as marshes and tall grasslands. Field voles eat mostly plants such as grass, fruit, seeds and bark, and occasionally eat worms, insects, spiders or larvae.

  • Wadden Islands

    The field vole has been found on Ameland and Texel since 1985. It has not yet been found on any other Dutch Wadden Islands.

  • Distribution and habitat

    Field voles live in the same terrains as the northern vole. Unless the area floods often, field voles are dominant and eventually displace the northern vole.