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Mens en Milieu

  • Dut: marterachtigen
  • Lat: Mustelidae
  • Eng: weasel family
  • Ger: Marder
Stoat in winter color, Ecomare

Weasel family

The weasel family is made up of meat-eaters. When searching for food, they can cover a large area. They aren't afraid of prey larger than themselves. In general, members of this family live alone. Females are always smaller than the males. The males also have a larger territory than the females. While female lives in an area where she can find enough food, the male tries to make his territory large enough to accompany lots of females.

On Texel

Weasel species are not long-distance swimmers. They are not found on most islands. Only the stoat and the ferret-polecat are found on Texel, two species which were introduced by humans.