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Mens en Milieu

  • Dut: fret(bunzing)
  • Eng: (feral)ferret (ferret-polecat (x: polecat-ferret))
  • Fren: le furet
  • Ger: das Frettchen
  • Lat: Mustela furo (x: Mustela putorius)


The ferret is a domesticated descendant of the polecat. Cross-breeding of ferrets with its wild ancestor produced the ferret-polecat. This hybrid is often used for hunting rabbits. Sometimes they escape during a hunt and are able to survive well in the wild. They then usually live in rabbit holes. They will eat all kinds of small animals and eggs. Sometimes, they build up a food supply of live frogs which they bite in the neck to paralyze. Chickens and rabbit cages are also favorite foraging grounds for the ferret. Ferret-polecats can not be found on the Wadden islands.

  • Combatted

    The ferel ferret-polecat is an unpopular chicken thief, a competitor for other weasel species and a threat for birds that nest on the ground. In areas where they are a nuisance, the escaped animals are caught with the help of cages and bait and then killed.