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Striped dolphin


1.8 to 2.5 meters


90 to 150 kilograms


maximum 60 years


squid and small fish species

  • Dut: Gestreepte dolfijn
  • Lat: Stenella coeruleoalba
  • Eng: Striped dolphin
  • Ger: Blauweißer Delphin (Gestreifter Delphin)
  • Fra: dauphin bleu et blanc
  • Dan: Stribet delfin
  • Nor: Stripedelfin
Striped dolphin, Frits-Jan Maas

Striped dolphin

Striped dolphins are mostly inhabitants of tropical oceans, and are rarely spotted north of 50°N latitude. Sightings and strandings in the North Sea are therefore extremely rare. They grow to a maximum of 2.6 meters long and around 150 kilograms. Striped dolphins hunt squid and other small fish sorts in groups of 100 to 500 animals.

  • Spotted in the North Sea
    Striped dolphins, Marijke de Boer
  • Beachings along Dutch coast
    DatePlace and details
    17 April 1967 Oturdum - Eems (on a mud flat)
    11 April 1987 Ameland, female
    15 February 1993 Valkenisse, Walcheren, male
    25 June 1996 Schiermonnikoog, young female
    8 December 1997 Renesse, female; she was released in 1998 is ze byLa Rochelle, but beached again several hours later. Another attempt was made in 1999 however this did not succeed either. Therefore, it was decided not to release the dolphin anymore. She was brought to the dolphin sanctuary at Waterland Neeltje Jans but died in 2002.
    5 November 1999 Ter Heijde, male live beaching, died
    14 November 2004 Brouwersdam
    2 March 2006 Vlieland, female
    19 January 2016 Mother with young, stranded alive but dead when found
    From various sources, such as Waterland Neeltje Jans; Archives Naturalis, Chris Smeenk