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North Sea Foundation

The North Sea Foundation was founded in 1978 (under the name 'Workgroup North Sea') by various large Dutch environmental organizations. There was a need for an organization to coordinate and mobilize the knowledge and expertise in the field of the marine environment. The North Sea Foundation functions as a network organization open for experts in this field. It strives for a complete approach to the problems concerning the North Sea. One of the goals of the foundation is to promote meaningful dialogue over a sustainable use of the North Sea, between environmental organizations and the users of the North Sea (such as the fisheries, offshore, shipping and tourism).

  • Coastwatch

    Coastwatch has its own position within the North Sea Foundation. Coastwatch is a special environmental project for the high schools. The project produces a wealth of research data which is used by various policy makers, including the Ministry of Transportation, as monitoring instrument and indicator for coastal pollution.

  • Organization

    The North Sea Foundation is located in Utrecht. The organization has more than a dozen employees and a network of scientists and policy-makers involved with the North Sea. The organization offers the opportunity for good qualified college and university students to enlarge their expertise and to expand their network. Participation on a voluntary basis in the activities of the organization means a unique chance to gain knowledge, experience and contacts which are normally difficult to acquire.