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  • Dut: Nachtegaal
  • Eng: Rufous Nightingale
  • Fren: Rossignol philomèle
  • Ger: Nachtigall
  • Dan: Sydlig nattergal
  • Nor: Sørnattergal
  • Fries: Geal
  • Lat: Luscinia megarhynchos
Nightingale, foto fitis, adriaan dijksen


There is no other bird that sings so deeply, so full of ecstacy as the nightingale. The melody is endlessly varied. Nightingales are therefore best known for their singing talent. In the spring, they sing during the day as well as at night, however their songs are often drowned by disturbing noises. Nightingales live mostly in thick vegetation from shrubs with lots of stinging nettle and blackberries. In the Netherlands, the majority of the nightingales make their nests in the dunes.

  • Diet

    Nightingales eat primarily ants and beetles, but will also consume other insects. Berries are added to their diet later in the summer.

  • Distribution and habitat

    The Netherlands is the most northern nesting area for nightingales. They migrate to West Africa for the winter.